Ed Prunier has been on the Board for 13 years, served 4 years as Vice-Chairman and  Chairman to the board. Ed has been in the fire service for 37 years, Volunteered for 5 years, and career Firefighter for 31 years. Ed has been a North Branford resident for over 25 years.

Vice Chairman

Joe Civitello has been on the board for over 31 years in which he served as chairman for 11 years. As Chairman, Joe has passed many budgets, helped purchase 2 Engine Tankers, 1 Tanker, 5 New Rescues, 3 Ambulances, Many sets of gear and equipment.


  Laura Burich has lived in North Branford for over 30 years and has been an EMT in North Branford for over 25 years. She was unanimously voted Captain of Company 4 and held that position until she stepped down in 2012. During her Tenure, she was responsible for day to day operations of the Ambulance Company. Laura has assisted numerous Emt instructors over the past 25 years as well as many refreshers. Laura is an America Heart Association  CPR Instructor and hods a certification as American Safety and Health Institute CPR Instructor and BLS Instructor.  Laura has worked in the Legal field for the last 30 years.


  Ron Onofrio


  Neil J Salamack

Neil is a retired member of the North Branford Fire Department as a member of Northford Acres Co3. He started his career as a Firefighter on Long Island, NY before moving and joining the North Branford Fire Department. Neil and his family have lived in Northford for over 40 years.

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